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Aliyah Day 2018 – 14 June

Netanya Celebrates Aliyah Day 2018 on 14th June 2018

An open invitation to all to come and enjoy the concert, Opera Be’laffa, with opera singers and an orchestra, on Thursday, June 14, 2018 at 7:30 p.m., Netanya (Gan Hamelech) Amphitheater (next  to Mul Hayam Restaurant).

Tickets can be purchased for only 20shekels by calling 09-7880570.


Cuban Salsa – Tuesdays 19.15 – 23.00 at Independence Square

Cuban salsa is coming back to the Independence Square

Cuban salsa for youth, students and other enthusiasts of Salsa is coming back to Independence Square on Tuesdays!   No previous knowledge required!   Suitable for couples and singles🙂

19:15 – come and help us to set up the equipment.

20:00 – small groups learn to dance with Media Noche Netanya instructors –  from basic steps to master level

21:05 – Cuban salsa party, enjoy listening and dancing to Latin music

22:55 – helping us to pack up the equipment

Foods and drink are in the Media Noche spirit.

The Magic Sounds in Independence Square – until September 2018

The magnificent musical summer event for the whole family is being repeated for its fifth consecutive year, by video projecting of extraordinary clips that contain songs, music, dancing and many other exciting and unique interesting performances from all over the world – on the big video screens located in Independence Square.  During the event, entertainers and artists such as singers, dancers and musicians will occasionally be included, they will present their own interpretations and performances following the video clips being screened in real-time.  Some seating is available in front of the screen.

The show is open to the public on Wednesday evenings at 20:00 on the following dates :

June 6th and 20th:  July 4th:    August 8th and 29th:  Sept 19th and 26th

 Admission is free and everyone is welcome!


Yom HaZikaron and Yom Ha’atzmaut 2018

Yom HaZikaron – Israel’s Official Memorial Day for the fallen soldiers and victims of terrorism, the day which publicly remembers the fallen in all the wars which Israel has had to  fight during the 70 years since Independence was granted in 1948 – it commences at nightfall on Tuesday evening 17th April 2018.  Shops will close earlier than usual.  Places of entertainment will not be open.

Yom Hazikaron begins at sundown (8.00pm) when a siren is sounded across the country for one minute. Everybody stops what they are doing, including cars driving on the highway, and observes the silence to show their respect and remember the fallen. That evening, the official State Ceremony to mark the start of Yom Hazikaron takes place at the Western Wall (the Kotel) in Jerusalem. Unlike in many other countries, Israel’s wars have taken place at home and being a small country, almost everybody knows somebody who died in the country’s wars making Yom Hazikaron an incredibly personal time of remembrance.

On Wednesday 18th April, 2018 sirens will sound at 11.00 am throughout the country for a 2 minute silence – and the country again comes to a standstill – if this is your first time here on such a day, be prepared for an incredible sight, where transport and people literally ‘stop in their tracks’ to observe the silence.

That evening, between 7:00pm  and 8.00pm, another state ceremony takes place, this one at Mount Herzl, Israel’s National Military Ceremony. This ceremony marks the end of Yom Hazikaron, and the beginning of Yom Haaztmaut, Israel’s Independence Day, a day which contrasts dramatically to what preceded it and a strong reminder of the price Israel has paid, and continues to pay for her independence.

The conclusion of Yom HaZikaron sees a reversal and the country explodes into celebrations for this very special Yom Ha’atzmaut – the 70th  Anniversary of the Foundation of the State.

For details of all the events in and around the city, please click here

Purim 2018 – music, parties and fancy dress in Netanya

Wednesday evening 28 February and Thursday 1 March 2018

Purim in Netanya – get your costumes ready

The colorful parade (Adloyada – ‘ad she lo yoda’ –  reference to the custom of drinking on Purim until you cannot tell the difference between right and wrong) returns to the city and for the first time in Israel representatives will march to a height of 21 meters! 
Thousands of participants, children, dancers, jugglers, clowns and performers will be celebrating the 90th anniversary of Netanya and 70 years of the State of Israel  in a variety of events that will last two days.

Thursday 1 March 2018  From 11.00 am along Shalom Aleichem Street (corner of Ben Zvi Boulevard) to Winter Park (Ben Gurion Blvd.). From 12.00am – Celebration in the Winter Park (Agamim) 
Friday 2 March 2018 – Starting at 11.00am – Happening and performances at the new Independence Square.

Purim is one of the most widely celebrated festivals in Israel. Purim here is embraced by the whole country, from kids to adults, by both religious and secular Jews, it is a time of fancy dress, festivity and is celebrated far beyond its original religious roots. Purim is celebrated across Israel, with street parties with carnival atmospheres taking place in almost every city, town and village in the country. Special foods for Purim are eaten, including Hamantaschen (Oznei Haman) – sweet pastry typically filled with sweet poppy seed, but also with jam, chocolate, dates or nuts.

Purim is also one of the biggest nights of the year at clubs up and down the country. With so much going on, and so much color in the amazing costumes that can be seen, Purim in Israel is a fascinating time to be in the country.

Festivocali – Netanya salutes Israeli music

August 22-24, 2017, from 6:30 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.
Uzi Hitman-Ehud Manor Streets, Ir Yamim
Musical direction – Ilan Gilboa

Tuesday, August 22
7:00 p.m. Mr. Shoko
Lehakat Hatapuzim
Puts on a performance for children, with the songs of Arik Einstein

9:00 p.m. Kol Hakavod
Netanya Kibbutz Chamber Orchestra, conductor David Sebba
Hosts Kobi Aflalo, Roni Dalumi, Ohad Shragai, Liora and Breeza vocal ensemble, conductor: Amit Bar Tzedek
Emcee – Noam Gilor

Wednesday, August 23 
7:00 p.m. A Real Orchestra
Hani Nahmias and Friends in a musical performance, singing songs by Uzi Hitman
9:00 p.m. Oh My Country My Homeland
Yardena Arazi and the Gevatron in a moving performance that will take us all home

Thursday, August 24
7:00 p.m. Baby Oriental
A captivating musical performance of children’s songs for the entire family

8:30 p.m. A Song Is More than Words
Sing-along hosts: Efi Netzer, Sarah’le Sharon, Yossi Lev and Moshe Lahav, the Big Tish hosts Yehuda Elias and Adi Arad with a sing-along

Performances of choral groups from around the country – every evening, starting at 6:30 p.m.:
Tzur Moshe, Kolot Hakfar, Mallaleika, Yuvalim, Megilot / Amir Frohlich
Kolot Midbar, Hadarim, Eynaim Bagav, Nes Kolot / Ilan Gilboa, Sharim Bagat / Eyal Gilboa
Lilach / Avi Ben Oz, Hochit / Claudio Cohen Tarika, Hof Hefer, Hakol Hadvash / Yair Sadeh, Solsi / Itay Lev
Breeza / Amit Bar Tzedek, Gamilaron / Ben Ashuel, Syncopa / Itay Lev

Mahane Yehuda Market
Food stalls
with the finest Israeli delicacies

Entrance is free – open to all!

Summer Kickoff Event in Netanya

Summer Kickoff Happening in Netanya (Enlarge)

Wednesday-Thursday, July 5-6, 2017.

From 6:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m., Independence Square, Netanya

Free entrance. Come and have fun at an event for the entire family:

Inflatable bouncy castles, make-up and caricature booths, painting workshops against the sunset and more.

On the main stage :

July 5, 10:00 p.m.: Noa Kirel
July 6, 8:15 p.m.: Rinat Gabay

Netanya marks the 50th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem

A tribute concert to Jerusalem marking the 50th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem, in the new Independence Square.

Tuesday, 6.6.17 at 20:30
With the participation of the Netanya Kibbutz Chamber Orchestra under the direction of Shmuel Elbaz.
The concert will be accompanied by a presentation that will be screened on the screens in the square and will bring you the atmosphere, sites and landscapes of Jerusalem.
Guest artists: David D’Or, Galit Giat
Admission is free – everyone is welcome