Clocks change tonight! (Fall back)

Don’t forget to change your clock tonight (in Israel).

The clocks go back one hour on Sunday 30th October 2016, at 3am it becomes 2am.

Clocks go back

Netanya Wine Festival 2016

On Wednesday-Thursday, Hol Ha’moed Sukkot, October 19-20, from 6:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. at Netanya’s Independence Square.

Come enjoy a wine tasting festival, with over 25 Israeli boutique wineries, stands selling fine cheeses, jam and chocolate, bread, cakes and baked goods. Be entertained by street performers and jazz concerts, chocolate workshops in the city sukkah.

Free entrance to the festival area!

Unlimited tasting glass available for just NIS 25, for those 18 and over.


Netanya Wine Festival 2016


Gearing up for cycling in Netanya

The ten commandments for Cyclists

* You are required by law to wear a securely fastened helmet
* Wearing knee pads and elbow pads is recommended
* Under no circumstances may you ride with an additional passenger!
* The size of the bicycle must be adjusted to the rider (when sitting, the rider’s feet should touch the ground)
* You must comply with traffic regulations, despite the national holiday (security vehicles or other vehicles)
* Young children should ride with training wheels
* Make sure the bicycle is in good shape: properly working brakes, a chain that is tight and not loose
* It is advisable not to ride on the sidewalk, where there are usually pedestrians and obstacles
* It is advisable not to ride at night or in the dark
* Do not ride too closely together; do not ride fast, especially when going downhill
List of required accessories:
פעמון Bell
בלם יד Hand brake
פנס קדמי Headlight
מחזיר אור Reflector
חישור Spoke
מחזיר אור Reflector
דוושה Pedal
שסתום Valve
מגן שרשרת Chain guard
חישוק Rim
דגלון Safety flag
פנס אחורי Rear light
מושב Seat
הגה Handlebars

The ten commandments for bicyclists (Enlarge)

Flowers are blooming in Netanya’s community gardens

Netanya invites you to celebrate the Tishrei holidays at the community gardens, from 4:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

What’s on the program?
• Learn about the world of bees and the honey production process
• Everything about the olive harvest and how olive oil is made
• Seven species ceremony and making sukkah decorations

Date – Location
October 13  Community garden – Neot Ganim (Ovadia St., Shikkun Vatikim)
October 19  Community garden – Ramat Yadin (Nachum St., Dora)

For additional information, call the Neighbourhoods Department at 09-8605826.

On Rosh Hashanah flowers are blooming in Netanya's community gardens (Enlarge)

Sukkot 2016 – Events in Netanya – 15-24.10.2016

 15.10 – Singing at the Square with Einat Saruf

An Israeli song celebration at the New Independence Square. Saturday night at 21:00

18.10 – A performance by the Great Chasidic singer Avraham Fried

Opening performance by singer Yishay Ribo Tuesday at 20:00 at the Sportek in Kiryat Hasharon. Tickets sale- at the box office of the Culture Center and at the offices of the Torah Culture Department. Price: 100 NIS (residents of Netanya – 80 NIS)

19 – 20.10 – Wine Fair

Wine tasting, performances, stalls and much more … The new Independence Square from 17: 00 to 23: 00

22.10 – When Opera meets “Piyut”

The Netanya Kibbutz Chamber Orchestra conducted by Shmuel Elbaz and soloists.  Saturday night at 21:00, The new Independence Square.

24.10 – Simhat Torah festivities at the Independence Square at 20:30



Triathlon Netanya 2016 – and related road closures

Fourteenth Annual Netanya Triathlon – 7 October 2016


An invitation to move : Triathlon Netanya returns and big time

From the Netanya Municipality:

Dear friends, Netanya Triathlon returns this year as well and the excitement is great!!

You are welcome to watch or participate in the Triathlon League that will come in October to Netanya (on Friday, 7/10, starting point: the Lagoon (Argaman) Beach).

What awaits you there? Top triathletes from all over the country that will run, swim and ride a bike around the city, lively music in the background and especially a lot of good mood in pure sporting spirit.

Starting at 6:30 a.m., at Lagoon (Argaman) Beach

Information and registration on the Israeli Triathalon Association website
We invite the public to watch and cheer on the competitors!

From 5:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m., the following streets will be closed to traffic:
Ben Gurion Blvd. northbound: from Zalman Shneur St. to Simcha Ehrlich St.
Southbound: from Kehilat Tzefat St. to Simcha Ehrlich St.
Ben Ami Blvd.: In both directions – from Bnei Binyamin St. to Kikar Matalon
Simcha Ehrlich St.: In both directions – from Ben Gurion Blvd. to Ben Ami Blvd.
* Controlled exits from Galei Yam southbound will be possible.
Shalom Aleichem St.: In both directions – from Havatzelet Hahof St. to Ben Gurion Blvd.
Havatzelet Hahof St.: In both directions – from Kikar Hashoter (Irus Ha’argaman/Rotem) to Oved Ben Ami Blvd.
*To the residents of Galei Yam: It will only be possible to exit towards Ben Gurion Blvd.
*To the residents of Ha’Irusim: It will only be possible to exit to Ben Zvi Blvd., according to the directions provided by the traffic officers and the signs.
The streets will be completely blocked off and no vehicles at all will be allowed in, including cars belonging to residents of these streets and work vehicles.
The public is kindly requested to take alternate routes and follow the instructions of the police officers and personnel on site.
We regret the temporary inconvenience and thank you all for your cooperation.


A celebration of folk dance at Netanya’s Independence Square

Autumn Dancing at the Square

Yaron Carmel in a celebration of folk dances of all times, levels and styles in a fabulous atmosphere.

Saturday evening, 8.10.16 at 20:30 at the New Independence Square

Free admission

Everyone come and dance!


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