Triathlon Netanya 2016 – and related road closures

Fourteenth Annual Netanya Triathlon – 7 October 2016


An invitation to move : Triathlon Netanya returns and big time

From the Netanya Municipality:

Dear friends, Netanya Triathlon returns this year as well and the excitement is great!!

You are welcome to watch or participate in the Triathlon League that will come in October to Netanya (on Friday, 7/10, starting point: the Lagoon (Argaman) Beach).

What awaits you there? Top triathletes from all over the country that will run, swim and ride a bike around the city, lively music in the background and especially a lot of good mood in pure sporting spirit.

Starting at 6:30 a.m., at Lagoon (Argaman) Beach

Information and registration on the Israeli Triathalon Association website
We invite the public to watch and cheer on the competitors!

From 5:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m., the following streets will be closed to traffic:
Ben Gurion Blvd. northbound: from Zalman Shneur St. to Simcha Ehrlich St.
Southbound: from Kehilat Tzefat St. to Simcha Ehrlich St.
Ben Ami Blvd.: In both directions – from Bnei Binyamin St. to Kikar Matalon
Simcha Ehrlich St.: In both directions – from Ben Gurion Blvd. to Ben Ami Blvd.
* Controlled exits from Galei Yam southbound will be possible.
Shalom Aleichem St.: In both directions – from Havatzelet Hahof St. to Ben Gurion Blvd.
Havatzelet Hahof St.: In both directions – from Kikar Hashoter (Irus Ha’argaman/Rotem) to Oved Ben Ami Blvd.
*To the residents of Galei Yam: It will only be possible to exit towards Ben Gurion Blvd.
*To the residents of Ha’Irusim: It will only be possible to exit to Ben Zvi Blvd., according to the directions provided by the traffic officers and the signs.
The streets will be completely blocked off and no vehicles at all will be allowed in, including cars belonging to residents of these streets and work vehicles.
The public is kindly requested to take alternate routes and follow the instructions of the police officers and personnel on site.
We regret the temporary inconvenience and thank you all for your cooperation.


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