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International Space Week lands in Israel and arrives at Planetanya

Hebrew lectures, on the subject – Space Unites the World Wednesday, 10/10/18 at 20:00 TED style inspirational lectures by Ran Livne, Director General of the Ramon Foundation Dr. Igal Fattal Astronomer Dr. Marcus Hilsenert Astrophysicist Victor Bar Director of Asteroid Day in Israel Lectures at 21:30, 21:45, 22:00 Star Show – A journey through the […]

New bus route from Ramat Poleg/Ir Yamim to Tel Aviv Central Bus Station

Finally a bus line from Ir Yamim and Ramat Poleg to the Tel Aviv Central Bus Station. The photos shows the scheduled route of the 623 out of Ir Yamim and Ramat Poleg and the timetable. The route out is: Lilach, Savidor, Amnon v’Tamar, Berman (soon), Uzi Hitman, Ehud Manor, Zalman Shazar, Udim and Tel […]

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