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Why Choose IPC Vacation Rentals?

Vacation rentals afford travelers an accommodation lifestyle unlike any other, often providing considerably more space, personal amenities and privacy. A vacation rental often costs less than other lodging options, especially for larger groups. IPC Vacation Rentals specialises in quality vacation rentals in the Ir Yamim, Ramat Poleg, and South Beach, Nof Hatayelet neighbourhoods of Netanya, Israel. Our reservation lines are open Sunday – Thursday to assist you with your vacation planning and our agents are always willing to assist with those special requests that can help make your next visit to Israel a memorable one.

Why Netanya?

We invite you to visit Netanya, one of the most beautiful cities in the Sharon Region and indeed in the whole of Israel. Netanya is known for its luxurious seafront location with pristine beaches and seaside promenades. Moreover, Netanya's central location in Israel makes it an excellent hub for travel to other parts of the country. The city's transportation infrastructure, including highways and rail connections, facilitates easy exploration of nearby attractions and cities, making Netanya well-connected and a convenient place to reside for both local and international travelers. As a resort town, there is plenty of entertainment in Netanya with coffee houses, a variety of restaurants, shopping centers, a lively market, movie theaters, art galleries, as well as various outdoor events and festivals that are held during summer and open to the public. You can also enjoy the various sport activities along the beach, at the sportek, tennis courts, paragliding, outdoor fitness facilities and the extreme bike riding park.
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