Frequently Asked Questions

What is a vacation rental?

Vacation rentals are becoming one of the fastest-growing hospitality categories. Often costing less than other lodging options, vacation rentals afford travelers an accommodation lifestyle unlike any other, often providing considerably more space, personal amenities and privacy. The whole self-catering concept of vacation rentals helps to give travelers a sense of having a comfortable home-away-from-home.

Why IPC Vacation Rentals?

IPC Vacation Rentals, managed by Israel Property Care has been successfully renting vacation homes in Israel since 2009. Many of our guests are families that have been staying year after year or referrals. If you are in the process of choosing a company to assist you with your vacation plans, we would love to have your business.

What Are Your Office Hours?

Our office hours are from Sunday to Thursday 8 am – 5 pm Israel Time, or you can send us an email at [email protected]

How Will I Receive My Confirmation And Arrival Instructions From IPC Vacation Rentals?

You will receive a booking confirmation by email once we have received your signed rental agreement and the home owner has received your deposit. Expect a second email with arrival instructions 2 weeks prior to your arrival. If you have not received these emails and you have adjusted your spam filters, please contact a reservations agent at +972502138702 or at [email protected]

When Is Check-In And Check-Out Time?

Your Netanya Vacation Rental home will be available for Check-in at 3 p.m. Check out time is 10 a.m. Typically, vacation homes take more time than cleaning a normal hotel room — This is the reason for the 10 a.m. checkout as the next guest checks in at 3 p.m. Check with us and if there’s no one checking in, on your check out day, we may be able to arrange a late check-out.

How Do We Travel From The Airport To Our Vacation Rental Home?

You can hire a car at the airport. Follow the signs on arrival for your car rental company's counters. The rental companies operate a shuttle service between Terminal 3 and the car rental site, and from the site to Terminal 3.

The Taxi companies at Ben Gurion Airport operate under supervision of the Israel Airports Authority. The Taxi Stations and dispatcher’s counter at Terminal 3 are located along the sidewalk on the ground floor at the exit from Gate 03 and at Terminal 1 they are located at the exit from the domestic flights’ welcomers hall.

The train station is located on Level S of the Landside Building, adjacent to the Greeters’ Hall at Ben Gurion Airport. You can then travel to Beit Yehoshua or Netanya stations (Sapir and Netanya) and then take a taxi to your vacation rental apartment

How Do I Get Access Into The Property?

During office hours you will be met at the apartment with keys and an IPC Vacation Rentals representative will show you around the apartment and will be available for queries during your stay. Alternate arrangements will be made if you arriving outside of office hours.

Is There A Pool?

Some of the vacation rental homes have pools. Please check the amenities list on our website.

Is There An Elevator?

All our properties have at least 2 elevators. Some also have Shabbat Elevators.

Is There A Daily Maid Service?

No, the property will be immaculate upon arrival and will be cleaned upon departure. If additional housekeeping is needed, please contact IPC Vacation Rentals on +972502138702 and let us know the dates that you would like a housekeeper to come to your vacation rental home, or send us an email at [email protected]

Do We Need To Bring Towels & Sheets?

No, we provide bath towels as well as bed linens, but you may need to bring beach towels. Please check the property information for each apartment.

Is There Washer An Dryer Available?

The apartments have washing machines and dryers for your convenience.

Is There A Dishwasher?

Most apartments have dishwashers. Please check the amenities list on our website.

Is There Cable TV?

Most apartments have either Cable, Satellite TV or streaming services.

Is Wireless Internet Available?

All of the apartments have free high speed Wi-Fi available for your convenience. The password for your wireless internet connection will be in your apartment guide.

Is There A Balcony?

Most of the vacation rental homes have a balcony. Please check the amenities list on our website.

Is There A Barbeque On The Balcony?

Please check the amenities list on our website.

What Is Provided?

All of IPC Vacation Rentals‘ homes are furnished with a full kitchen, complete with a basic set of dishes, cookware, glassware and silverware, but if there is something specific you need (like a potato masher or cupcake pan), please call and ask and we’ll find out if the item is there. A starter supply of hand soap, dish soap, toilet paper and paper towels is provided. Linens and bath towels are provided. Two set of towels will be available for each paid guest, and two sets of bedding per bed. We recommend bringing anything additional you think you need. Please check the website listing and amenity chart to see what specific features your vacation rental apartment has.

Do You Allow Pets?

We love pets, but unfortunately we cannot allow you to bring your pet into the vacation rental home.

Can We Smoke Inside The Property?

ALL of the vacation rental apartments are NON-SMOKING. There will be additional cleaning charges should it be found that someone has violated the policy.

How Far Is The Apartment From The Airport?

It is approx. 45 minutes

What Happens If We Need Service While We Are In The Property?

Closer to arrival you will be given the contact details of your local IPC Vacation Rentals representative. Feel free to also contact us on +972502138702 or email us at [email protected]

What Type Of Deposit Is Required?

The apartments are owned by private owners and the deposit required varies. Please check the website listing for details for your specific apartment.

How Are Cancellations And Refunds Handled?

We highly recommend travel insurance to cover your costs if you have to cancel within 30 days of your arrival. Please check your rental agreement for the cancellation policy of your apartment.

An Emergency Is Preventing Us From Going; Can’t You Make An Exception And Refund Our Stay?

There are no exceptions to the cancellation policy. The dates at the vacation rental home have been held exclusively for you, and we turned away other inquiries. Travel insurance can be purchased to cover any last minute cancellations, and it also covers many other things such as emergency care, rental car damage, and lost baggage. Last minute cancellations are not the financial responsibility of IPC Vacation Rentals or the Vacation Rental home owners.

Where Do I Go When I Arrive?

Go to your vacation rental home. During office hours you will be met at the apartment with keys and an IPC Vacation Rentals representative will show you around the apartment and will be available for queries during your stay. Alternate arrangements will be made if you arriving outside of office hours.

What Do I Do Upon Departure?

You will meet an IPC Vacation Rentals representative at check-out (10 a.m. unless previously confirmed for an alternate time), for the inspection of the apartment, return of keys and electricity meter reading. Alternate arrangement will be made for departures outside of office hours.

Before leaving, please:

-Take out the garbage bags, tie them up and put it in the rubbish chute, or garbage room.

-Wash all the dishes, or load the dishwasher

-Turn off the AC

-Make sure are doors and windows are secure

If We Clean Up After Ourselves Really Well, Do We Have To Pay The Cleaning Fee?

All guests must pay the applicable cleaning fee for their vacation rental with no exceptions. This fee goes toward subsidizing what is paid for housekeepers (who are required to follow our cleaning guidelines and checklist). Cleaning fees are standard with most vacation rentals.

I Already Paid The Cleaning Fee, Why Was I Charged For Additional Cleaning?

We do ask our guests to leave their holiday apartment in the good condition that they found it. The housekeepers come in to vacuum, mop, sanitize, remove garbage etc. If it takes longer than usual for the housekeepers to clean, you will be charged additional cleaning fees. This means no dirty dishes in the sink, empty the rubbish/trash etc.

We Just Got Back From Our Vacation And Had A Problem During Our Stay. Can You Please Contact Us So We Can Discuss Our Compensation?

We require any and all issues and concerns to be reported to us DURING your stay. However, we always welcome your feedback and are happy to pass on any comments to the home owners at any time- we’re always looking for ways to improve our business and the properties we manage.

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